Turkey CAS System


Higher Yields

Fewer downgrades from blood spots and fractures, less trimming and better color.

Less Handling, Less Stress

Birds remain in the original transport cage until after stunning and before shackling. Fluttering during shackling is eliminated,
as are damaged carcasses. CAS reduces handling because the birds are stunned in the original crates and not handled until
after stunning, when they are relaxed from the gas.

Higher Employee Morale

Greatly improved working conditions in what is traditionally the least desirable department of the production facility.

Marketing Opportunities

Today's protein buyer - both trade and consumer - is more aware than ever of feed sources, product quality and processing.
An educated consumer is more apt to purchase quality product -
and less likely to settle for a commodity. That's why Humane-Aire is helping turkey processors distinguish themselves in
the marketplace.

A Leaner System

Humane-Aire requires less manpower at each stage - collection, offloading, stunning and shackling. There are fewer variables than traditional electrical shock systems; less disruption and more predictable results.

Cleaner Work Area

Less fluttering and stressed bird handling translates to minimal dust, feathers, dirt, excrement, noise and debris.

More Marketable Product

The retailer and foodservice operator sells a consistently better protein that displays better.

Maintains Constant Picking Window

Controlled cycle time assures easy, consistent picking of a relaxed turkey.

Offers Options in CO2 Purchasing

Unlike CAK systems, Humane-Aire does not require OEM carbon dioxide, allowing you to leverage your CO2 purchasing for
greater flexibility.

Adoption by Large Scale QSR

Responding to consumer input for humane processing, several large quick serve restaurants have recently announced
their preference for supplies using CAS processing.

Constant and Predictable Birds

The continuous incline stunner helps birds to maintain consistent bleed out times, chilling times and feather picking. Unlike other batch type stunning systems where the birds are unpredictable. Also, D.O.A. birds are easily identified with the continuous inline stunner at the time of shackling.

Recycles CO2 for Lower Costs

Greater effectiveness in stunning, through specially designed tunnel, which results in efficient use of recycled CO2.