Turkey CAS System
Turkey CAS System


How it Works

Live birds are collected into specially designed cages. The cages are offloaded in the production area, destacked and conveyed through a CO2 tunnel. After the cage exits the tunnel, the stunned birds are dumped on the shackling conveyor. The cage is then washed, restacked and loaded back on the truck.

The HumaneAire CAS System offers you a good return on investment. This preferred system can be engineered to meet your specific production requirements, including volume, configuration and material handling. From farm to shackling, Humane-Aire CAS is a solution to producing high quality protein for the world's greatest markets.

Processor Savings
  • Reduced wing and leg breakage
  • Reduction in downgrades
  • Reduction in manpower for hanging line
  • Reduction in blood spots
  • Improvement in yield due to less trimming
  • Humane handling approved by several agencies
  • Recycles CO2